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Every year I push a design challenge on myself about myself. I love redoing my personal logo, especially because I'm just a student designer and my "personal" brand is still being built upon. My initials are D, L, and S, and I've always had a problem piecing them together based on the shapes and high x-height of the L in comparison to the bowls of the D and S. Recently, I've been very interested in geometric monograms and especially how the specific letters--triangles for D's and L's, and a swirl for the S--could overlap to become my personal logo and being slightly legible while really deriving from the letters as opposed to clearly showing them.

These are the product of a late-night brainstorming process. Any thoughts?


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Well, David—

The top version has a lot more visual interest overall but, to my eye, neither one makes DLS very clear.

If you are selling your creative skills, don't sweat it. If you are trying to promote yourself as a creative communicator, you probably ought to pursue a less visually ambiguous approach. Sometimes, less is actually more.

In my humble opinion, for what it's worth.

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Is the top one a Section sign wearing a bow-tie? :-)


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Thank you for the feedback! And hrant, it looks like it now that you've said it, haha!

After a hundred more iterations, I found another way to communicate my initials and sort of develop and interesting, ambiguous monogram (in a way). This logo is one that I really liked after many attempts at changing the length of the lines and the way they intersected; it seemed like this one was the most visually interesting. Any ideas about it? Edits? Comments? But sometimes the just black was making me board--or maybe it's just because I've been looking at it for so long. I'm curious as to how I should present it, so I've tried pretty quickly a few different ways and would love to hear your thoughts on the logo itself and the treatment of it.

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I like it. I'm also seeing the nice degree of ambiguity you say you want.

Two things:
- The top right seems too long. You might consider gently deviating from your "lattice grid" to reduce (if not eliminate) that effect, although you'll have to mind the gaps so they all look equally thin.
- Speaking of the gaps, you'll need a different version of this -with thicker gaps- for small/lo-res instances.


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Thanks hrant.

I experimented with playing with the top right.

Do you like 6 better? I originally liked it better, but independently it didn't seem to stand as well. Does this fix the problem?


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I was thinking to fudge the grid and end up somewhere between 6 and what you show above. Which might involve more than simply making the "L" area longer/shorter. It might even involve rotating the whole thing slightly... The grid after all is a tool, not a goal!


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Hey HHP!

Got it. I fudged the grid a little with number 2. Which is your favorite, or do you think I need to push past just making the L area shorter, like you said?

All the best.

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I saw your posts abouts designs of monograms for your initials last night, so this morning I conceived of this (Edit: See img:DKDLSJPEG_4596.jpg). If you want me to make something of it, let me know.

. I also thought of a design for an ambigram of your surname.

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