Artlandia Live Presets? Yea? Nay?

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I have created 131 Illustrator pattern brushes to create period borders, following advice given—and much appreciated—about maintaining proper placement when one or more elements do not fill the em square—which was, to use zero width line segments as spacers.

AI affords the opportunity of customizing the borders—scaling, color, and stroke—but, if the end-user does add strokes, then the elegant spacing solution becomes a problem. As far as I can tell, Artlandia Live Presets would allow me to edit the swatches used to create the borders, but I am not sure that the program won't rewrite the Postscript and relocated the 0,0 origin point.

Any clues?

Also, anyone PC or Mac users (both needed) interested in pre-release testing the complete set?

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You might get pricing idea by googlin' vector packs.

Hope that helps.


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Yes, yes, yes! That was VERY helpful. "Illustrator brushes" was getting me nowhere but annoyed, but "vector packs" gave me a very good idea of what semi-comparable products are available, and how much they cost.

For instance, if a pack of 11 brush patterns is selling for $8.50, a set of 132 instant borders ought to go for $102.00, if there is no quantity discount—which is way more than I was ever considering charging.

Now, all I need to figure is where is the precise Vito Corleone point that makes the offer so tempting that few reasonable people would refuse it? $39.95, maybe? Too much? Could ask more?

Any votes? Anyone interested in taking the set out for a spin?

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I can't help with your technical dilemmas, but I'd certainly take the brushes for a spin …

Oh, also, I think $50 to $80 wouldn't be unreasonable for this.

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Thanks for your frank and honest—and extremely encouraging—opinion.

Drop a note to me at kipnick (at) msn (dot) com, and I will send you a complete set as soon as I have finished tweaking stuff to my satisfaction—which will probably be in a week or so, because I have an out-of-town wedding to attend on Wednesday, with travel time and details to be taken care of before and after.

P.S. I set the brushes up in Illustrator CS3 on a PC, which should make them cross-platform and forward-compatible. One thing I want to do is to fiddle around with how far backwards-compatible I can make them while still maintaining their functionality.

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Glad to help. You might want to promo the goodness by offering up a free pack on Bittbox or the like to glean marketing responsiveness - relevant contest entrance comment of some sort.

Are the borders classified per era/design style?


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Excellent suggestions. As it happens, I have built a pretty good relationship with a European publishing group by providing them with free stuff, which helps us both out. As luck would have it—or whoever is in charge of serendipity-doo—they are launching a NEW magazine which JUST SO HAPPENS to be directed at my target audience.

You see where this is going? Win-win-win: the magazine has a BRAND NEW product; I provide a free sample of my stuff; the magazine provides the info to the new subscribers on where to get more, and the incentive to buy is FREE; and, maybe, I offer a special discount code to REALLY sweeten the deal.

What else could go right? So far, everything. Or, at least, everything I am aware of. But, what the hey—if you're going to be surprised, the good surprises are the ones you want coming your way.


On another note: ANYONE have any experience with the subject of the post? I have a demo of the program, but it won't let me save the results; and, if I don't know if the changes will actually stick, all I MAY be accomplishing is screwing something up.

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Good stuff, hopefully their online version will get a lot hits.

You might also consider putting them up on stock vector image sites.


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