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ID this condensed bold sans serif. Thanks!


I need help identifying both fonts in this jpg, actually. They're both pretty common, but not typefaces that I use and I can't remember what the names are. Plus I'm on a tight deadline... Help!


You should use the Edit link to move the thread out the "Solved IDs" section up to the main Type ID Board.

(in any case, second one should be Serpentine)

Thanks! For the ID and the tip!

The sans is very close to Helvetica Compressed but different in some details, it might be close enough for you though. I’ve seen it before here on the ID Board but don’t think it was identified then!

The semi-serif is indeed Serpentine Bold.

Hi Gräfenberg,
Yeah, I tried Helvetica and it was indeed pretty close.
It might do the trick, but it also annoyed me that I'd seen that font before but couldn't think of its name.

Anyways, think I'll stick to Helvetica. Thanks for the ID of the Serpentine.

Guys, isn't the sans just (common Windows system font) Impact?

>Guys, isn't the sans just (common Windows system font) Impact?

Yes you’re right, it does appear to be! The versions of Impact shown online are different in certain key features to the Windows version, enough that it throws off the identification.