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Django Unchained trailer font ID

Django Unchained trailer font ID
Properly custom made



Thank you for quick respond! ;)
Railroad Gothic looks the most like the font, but the J is different and some more small differences.
But it looks quite like it :)

Agree. Some more similars: Toronto Gothic, Twelve Oaks, Prison and Silvertone

Thanks that's a quite a nice group of fonts that are similar to that of the Tarantino trailer!
But still it isn't the font that they used maybe it is custom made for the movie. I like the the font because it is bit rough especially in size differences. :-)

Anyone know the font used in the opening and end credits? i can't find a visual reference anywhere. it's not like anything used in previous collateral. i really liked it. reminds me of a house font. of course that's assuming it wasn't custom made for the film.