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Hulk Hogan extended font ID

Hulk Hogan extended font ID?



The more I look at it the more I think it's a custom job (part of the obvious oblique cuts on finals of course) based on Eurostile (Extended Black), mainly beacause of the "HULK HOGAN" part which looks very close (even matching) to Eurostile. "Just" need to recreate some letters: /S (probably the "hardest") with /O or /C (keeping the top left quarter, extending it horizontally to the right, 180° mirrored to create the bottom part and connecting the all thing with a horizontal stroke), /A with /P (have a closer look to this one and you'll see the bowl's inside top right curve is not identical to the left one as it should be for a "regular" top rounded /A as this one) and /R with (also) /P (as it looks like /P with an additional leg).
Some more "to-customize"/base/similar fonts you might like: Saturn (same base as Eurostile with a top rounded /A), Armchair Modern, Orbitron, Stainless Extended Black

Again thank you for extensive answer i know the top one was Eurostile and properly the rest is custom made, you're right on that i think. I really like your example fonts: Saturn and Armchair Modern are very cool more fonts that i wished i had :-)

Thank you