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custom sign font

made these custom kitchen blocks a while back - need to customize with a name for a customer, but i cannot remember what font i used, and i have 1000's of fonts installed on my computer....after searching about 1/4 of them, i've gone cross eyed and am getting frustrated...my customer paid for her sign (i thought i had the font written down), but i cannot work on it because i don't know what font i used....ugh.
thank you so much for your help!!


you have probably used http://St. Nicholas by Dave Nalle (Scriptorium Fonts)
which looks like a distorted ITC Garamont

Another similar choice is http://Boswell also by Dave Nalle

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

oh yay!!!! it IS the St. Nicholas! Thanks sooooo much!!!! :)

It's pretty nice. Regarding customization and choosing the right fonts is tough however it's up to your preferences you can use software like adobe photoshop to determine what's the best font and you can also consult with your friends or family if possible. - channel letters