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NT Pure Flowertypeface is now available at Youworkforthem

This flowertypeface is a beautiful composed, highly detailed, alphabet complete with numbers and special characters like an ampersand or an @-sign, designed by Novo Typo, designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

NT Pure makes a beautiful combination with NT Fall and NT Lily.


NT Pure is a handset typeface collection of 43 images in high resolution RGB 26 cm (high) format on 300 dpi (3072 pixels). All images are PSD documents, placed on a seperate layer, on a transparant / white background.
Please notice; NT Pure is not a systemfont.




Thank you for the compliment! Novo Typo likes to bring some color (Love, Joy and Happiness) into the black an white world of typography. And yes, we're available for customized typeface design.