Font ID or altered font?


"The Heights" is very Art Deco-ish in a formulaic kind of way, but not familiar at all, which suggests to me that the latter is more likely the case...

Thanks for your thoughts. This is from a sign that is about 10 years old and sign people (I am one) altering fonts is not that common anymore. I couldn't even find anything similar. The upright stroke in the G and the goofy W are unique but that really hasn't helped me much.

You can come close if you adjust the legs of the T and H and the arms of the H and E in THE HEIGHTS.
Martin Majoor ScalaSansCond-Bold

And use ScalaSans-Bold on TOWNHOMES.

I think it is the regular, not the bold; a light color on a dark background tends to look bolder than it actually is.

As does the slight shadow it creates.