Need help identifying font on 1940s building

I need help identifying the font on a military building, constructed in early 1940s. The sign on the building was probably installed in 1941.
The first image is a historic photo of the building sign. The second photo shows the current state where the letters have been stripped from the wall. We plan on replacing the sign.



It's lettering or hand-drawn/designed and not likely to be based on a font. If it were me, I would just trace and/or redraw the letters based on the photos.

Very "Art Deco (/R is also "à la Avant-Garde).
Agree (of course!) with Mark. As I don't have Mark's brilliant skills to design characters, here's a list of fonts that you may find useful to start a customization on: Mostra Nuova by Mark, Marlowe, Kabel, Market Deco, Mouse Deco, Uranium Mafia, Caviar Dreams, Eurofurence and N.O. Movement

Thanks for the advice and possible fonts.