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I decided to throw together a tumblr blog of my 3d type explorations. I know I'm treading well-worn ground here, but I'm teaching myself the software and having fun with type while doing it. Although there's nothing particularly groundbreaking here, there may be something of interest to the people that frequent this board. Hope you like it.

and for those of you that don't like tumblr, I'm also replicating it all on my flickr site.

If you don't like flickr or tumblr, sorry, got nothing else for you.

Here's a teaser image [one of the better ones, ha].

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The renders are very smooth. What softwares are you using?

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Thank you. I'm using Cinema 4D.

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I've been admiring your renders via Flickr. Very nice stuff.


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Thank you Hrant, your opinion means a lot to me, so I'm glad you like it. There's not much to the, beyond pure playing with forms. I hope to be able to actually make something from it at some point. But for now I'm just playing and learning.

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I've also enjoyed watching this project unfold, I particularly like the Hair Simulation experiments.

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