"Garage des brotteaux" Sans-serif


Please help me ID this sans-serif.

Thanks in advance to any help!



Have you compared this to Helvetica?

The closest I've found are Basic Commercial and Aperçu but that's far from matching. Would really like to know too. Hard to believe it could be a custom job for a (so) small business like this one. Where did you find this sample? It could probably be easier to directly ask to the person who did this graphic.

I found it on the designer's website. I will go back and drop him a line and if I get a response, I'll let you know what it is!

Thank you for the other links, I ended up loving Reader by Colophon foundry and find it to be similar to this graphic as well.

My pleasure Eleana. Glad to hear the suggestions were helpful. I thought also about Reader but prefered Aperçu. Anyway, hope you'll get a response from the designer (who is? Thanks!).

More precisely http://alexparaboschi.fr/pages/controletechnique.html# but the text, in French, says "

Caractère réalisé à partir de l'étude d'une typographie manuscrite trouvée sur une affiche des années 30.

Typographie en cours de développement

which means "font under development" (in progress).

Thanks riccard0 and Michel! The font is definitely custom and called Contrôle Technique (CT) grotesque, something between Akzidenz Grotesk, Aperçu, Basic Commercial and Reader (at least to me ;)).

I just checked with Google maps (street view) and at 42 rue de Créqui, today, there is a bank. My guess is that this was a project for a graphic design course (which would be consistent with the cv).

That’s “fontrensics”! ;-)