Calling all Thomas Phinneys, or reasonable facsimiles thereof...

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Tom, old buddy, old pal—

I have a problem which, so far, nobody else here seems to know how to solve. I have a collection of AI pattern brushes which will allow users to create some spiffy borders, just by drawing a rectangle and clicking—which, I figure, is pretty idiot-proof, but some people CAN surprise you.

As I outlined in another thread which I will not link to since my last post with a thread got shelved for moderator approval, I had to use zero-width spacing lines to line up some of the elements so that they would work correctly. Which is cool, unless someone wants to apply a stroke to the overall pattern, which is not cool—because, THEN, my brilliant workaround becomes ANOTHER problem.

So, I figure you gotta know a guy who can help me solve this little problem, since I also figure that the pattern works—once the individual elements have been made into swatches—without the spacers, as long as the 0,0 origin point remains the same. I just don't know HOW to get to the Postscript and, even if I did, if the Postscript is not readable by a human being—which, since we are talking about me, is a bit of a stretch—I am, have been and shall forevermore remain clueless about how to solve what OUGHT to be a very simple problem.

So, if you know a guy—or even a guy who knows a guy—could you clue me in, please. I figure I can do pretty good selling a set of 12 for about three bucks a pop, and all twelve for around $25 to $30.

Or, maybe, even give them away if they have to buy SOMETHING ELSE to get them “free”. Capisce?

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You should ask Vincent Le moign, from Vectorian:
He has done awesome border brushes, and may be able to help you.

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Nick — I don’t know how long it might take for Thomas to stumble upon this thread. I don’t know how regularly he checks the forums these days.

You might want to just e-mail him directly through his Contact form:

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Thanks for the tip, and—if someone hasn't gotten around to doing so lately—thanks for sharing the love. I want you to know that I really appreciate the wonderful tools that you offer to people, out of the kindness of your heart. I only wish that the people who could easily afford it—like Apple, for instance—had the same attitude. The world would be a much better place. Although, perhaps, not nearly as ultra-cool.


Thanks for making me feel like a moron for not considering the obvious solution. And I am not being sarcastic: unfortunately, it appears that I need to have it pointed out to me, on a very regular basis, that I am not as sharp a cookie as I would like to think. Honestly: thanks for keeping me real, pal. Twenty-three skidoo!

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Well, the good news is, I'm here. The bad news is, this is not a problem I am intimately familiar with. I haven't done much work with borders, nor with AI pattern brushes. Though I can easily imagine a workflow for turning AI pattern brushes into fonts, for either bitmap or vector patterns, if that would help?

Anyhow, it tickles me that I am sought after by name! If turning the brush patterns into fonts seems like a useful approach, let me know. Otherwise perhaps you should give the thread a title relating to the problem at hand (reposting if needed)....



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Oldnick, please describe what your pattern problem is exactly, and I might be able to give you some suggestions, and look into why your file may be misbehaving.
Also, please note you can submit bugs directly here:

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There is no “problem”; I simply want to remove some zero-width line segments which were required because my swatch elements did not fill the em square. Evidently, the enite Adobe Illustrator design team is incapable of understanding how their program works. Quel surprise…

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So your issue has been solved?
I would appreciate seeing a screenshot of what you are describing.

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