Thick Script Font Mystery

Hi everyone. I have a font mystery that I desperately need to figure out. I just got a graphic artist job and the owner used this font for a product name that has since disappeared from every machine it was on. This happened back in 2010. The files I have indicate that the name of the font was Tangerine. I have been able to find fonts with that name but they are not matches. So here is a rundown of what I know.

1. Script/Handwriting Font
2. Bubble Letter / Marker look
3. Disappeared from Apple computers in Dec 2010
4. Used to be called Tangerine.
5. Cannot find it anywhere on the internet under the name Tangerine.

The picture I am uploading are the only characters I have that I can show.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dan / Globalpuffer


The font was originally distributed with an early e-magazine, "Bright Ideas", which is long gone. The original distribution had no licensing information. "Tangerine" doesn't appear to be a copy or clone of anything else, although there are a few other fonts that are vaguely similar.

The font doesn't contain any internal information regarding its source, and it doesn't appear to be currently available on-line.

I can't figure out how to send an attachment through here; attached is an image of the character set.

- Herb

Hi Herb, would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the font file? If you have it? I would be eternally in your debt. Don't know how I would repay you but maybe I could mail you out a lotion stick or something? :) Let me know. My email is

Hi Herb, is there anyway you could send me a copy of the file? My email is

This looks very familiar, although I can't put my finger on a name. I'd be surprised if it's not an illegal clone of a commercial font. So I personally wouldn't risk engaging in potential piracy by emailing it around.


Do people do that? I would love to buy the real version if I could find it! :)

Do people do that?

I don't know what specific activity you're referring to, but the answer is: yes. :-)

Judging by the poor quality of the outlines I suspect this was a scan-and-trace job. Which means if you need exactly the same letterforms, you're going to have to: find the actual font; come to terms with using a font of unethical provenance (assuming my hunch is right). If you can settle for something very close, I'm sure you can find it; and although it will put you out-of-pocket (probably by a small amount though) you're very likely to end up with something of better quality (and guilt-free).


The reason the outlines look bad is that the psd file this comes from is old. I am pretty sure the font was legitimately installed on a machine that no longer has it when it was first used and the file was created. I was able to rasterize the text and then I had to move it around so it wouldn't be crooked when I posted the image here, but because I don't know what it is I cannot do any more than that. I am stuck with what was already made. It's too bad that people steal the fonts. I cannot imagine the amount of work that goes into producing one.

You're probably right that it was legitimately installed, but if/when you find out that what you have is "stolen goods", then you have to ask yourself what to do about it. Mind you, I can't be sure that's the case here.

Anyway here's a couple of possible substitutes:

Also check:

And yes, good fonts take a long time to make. And a fraction of a second to pirate. In terms of effort/byte I don't think any other kind of "media" comes even remotely close.


@hrant. Thank you for those substitutes! Those are awesome fonts. The house-script at the sign painter site in particular quite close to mine and may be a viable alternative. If you look around the net, conversations about using Bright Ideas fonts seem to all run in similar veins to the one we have had here. Unfortunately, this company never made things very clear and I see the argument that using them might be a bad idea. You are right to suggest caution. I appreciate the time you took to share your experience and to find me some alternates. :)

@Hrant - I exercised due diligence in trying, and failing, to find an existing commercial or free font that matched Tangerine. Most of Bright Ideas' fonts were original, but they also had a few re-created implementations of old metal or photo foundry fonts, including such as Ashley, which pre-dated both akaPotsley and Spiece Graphic's Edison Swirl . The same company sold commercial fonts by subscription under the Software of the Month Club label.

- Herb

Not that you need my OK or anything, but: sounds good to me.


Hey guys I don't see a process to declare it, but this issue is resolved. Herb (HVB) found the right font. I have no idea how. Crystal ball or just plain old ordinary genius. Thanks to everyone. Thank you Herb!