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Trying to ID this hand written font but having a hard time finding it! Need help ASAP!!!

I'm trying to duplicate a font that my company used for a client but our computer crashed and we lost all our font files. I've been searching high and low for this particular font...I get close but never anything that really nails it...i need help ASAP! I don't want to lose this super important client over not being able to find this font! Thank you everyone for your input and help with this!! Help me forum buddies...you're my only hope!!


You should use the Edit link to move the thread out the "FAQ and Posting Guidelines" section up to the main Type ID Board.

Sure thing! Sorry about that...I'm just kinda frantic about finding this font so i didn't read it all the way...

Awful typeface, nevermind...

You're my hero riccard0!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I've been killing myself going through font site after font site! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Hopefully the client will kill himself so nobody has to ever see that font used.