What have you bought?

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I've been making fonts for a while now and I'm starting to see them in the wild more often. I've bought books I'll never read, women's magazines, greetings cards, tshirts, and most recently, biscuits, solely because they use my fonts. This practice could get expensive! What have you bought just because it has your font on it?

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Frozen rabbit goulash and instant soups i’ll never eat … But also audio books for my children.

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Just because?
A good excuse, anyway!

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Shirts, magazines, food products. There was some picture frames but I didn't need them. :)

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These were actually really nice and my font being on them was only a tiny nudge towards buying them. I'm getting better though - the novelty has worn off a little and I don't buy stuff when I don't think they've used my font properly ;)

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I don't play games these days (unless you count kiddie ones) but a long time ago I made a Cyrillic extension to Primex for "Juiced2: Hot Import Nights" and since they never sent me a copy of the game like they promised I guess one day I'll have to buy the damn thing...


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I bought a novel that I probably wouldn't have otherwise bought: a true rarity in that it used Manticore, one of my very early typefaces that I've withdrawn. I did actually read the novel too, which was an interesting experience.

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Wait! I am confused.

Are people bragging about all the stupid ways that THEY PERSONALLY spent their hard-earned dough, or is this some kind of blanket condemnation of mindless consumer consumption?

Not that it matters to me but, if someone is going to call themselves a moron in a public internet forum, I feel compelled—noblesse oblige, and all—to agree with them, in the most emphatic manner which is socially and politically correct. Because that's the kinda guy I am: the right tool for the right job. Kinda like Craigslist—except everyone knows the rules upfront.

In fact, depending on the openly-offered evidence of their self-proclaimed and indubitably egregious stupidity, I might find myself—without recourse and in good conscience—FORCED to agree, AND in terms of such a superlative nature as to defy belief! Even if it means that I MUST declare a New World Champion!

Unless I am mistaken about the premises…which, IMHO, I am clearly not…

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Mindless consumer consumption?
I see it more like sticking your kid's drawing on the fridge door. Probably for you the novelty has worn off, but for someone like myself, just starting out, the first few times you see your font in the wild, that makes you proud. So buying the thing with the font on it is not some moronic act of mindless spending - it's acquiring yourself a keepsake, which in a way proves to you you're not wasting your time! And if it gives you an excuse to eat some nice biscuits, why not?

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I agree Dave, Its fun seeing your work out there. I try to buy them when I can just as keepsakes for my children.

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