Charis adjustments - willing to share?

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Charis adjustments - willing to share?

Preamble: Charis is a free font from SIL and legally based on Charter. More info:

I've been using Charis for some time now and every once a while I adjust it some more to my liking. I know that some you did your own modifications (e.g. Charles Ellertson, Richard Fink), are you willing to share your version of the font?

To set a good example, here is my version – unoriginally renamed to “Charta” (German for “charter”) since modified versions must be renamed according to the SIL license.

What I changed (as far as I remember):
- Added kerning
- Respaced the italics (Charis' italics are too tight, in my opinion)
- Slightly emboldened the superscript numbers
- (Charta includes only a subset of Charis' characters)