Trouble installing fonts via Fontbook on Mac OS X 10.7

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Trouble installing fonts via Fontbook on Mac OS X 10.7


I have been using Apple's Fontbook to manage my fonts in 10.6.
Now, I am on 10.7 and Fontbook is not cooperating, is anyone else having that issue?

thanks in advance

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Wow: you would think, with the bucks you shelled out for that fancy gadget, that Apple Technical Support would be included. Without a phone tree to get through. In order to get to a real human being. Whose first language was English. Above a third-grade level.

Wow: you must be feeling the way a lot of Apple shareholders are feeling right about now. You guys both think: Cool is cool, but where are the dividends? IMHO.

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They’re all in /Library/Fonts. If you can’t see that (since 10.7 the Library directories have been hidden by default) then use the Finder’s “Go To Folder…” command. After that all you have to do is move files around. It’s no more complicated than that, really.