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Ikea Verdana in 3D

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Joe Clark's picture
Joined: 6 May 2005 - 1:23pm
Ikea Verdana in 3D

How does Ikea’s use of Verdana translate into three dimensions? Watch the YouTube video about Ikea’s catalogue app and judge for yourself. (Previously. Via [via].)

Nick Curtis's picture
Joined: 21 Apr 2005 - 8:16am

In my limited experience, three-dimensional software makes it a no-brainer.

Xara 3-D USED to be pretty good, but Corel managed to firetruck it up pretty good—as they did with WordPerfect AND the star of their fleet.

Which reminds me: does ANYONE have an installable version 10 available at a decent price? Which means “cheap”…

A figure I will not divulge until I am pretty sure that I don't spell out C-H-E-A-P a little higher than you do. If you catch my drift…