Modern typeface with cyrillic

The typeface I'm working on is a redesign of my own font I made a while back, an extra-expanded, futuristic font that I've decided to bring back to the chopping block and make something more valueable from it. I ended up making something entirely new and here it is - Cepheid.

The typeface includes only capitals, latin + some diacritics + cyrillic letters and of course punctuation, all normal and italics. The design is meant to be futuristic, yet quite versatile - that's why I tried to minimize the "oddities" while maintaining the unique look. It's still much of a 'work in progress', still working on the geometry of the letters so I haven't touched much of the kerning yet.

Any advice appreciated of course!

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Giving a go at minuscule (and small-caps) with generous x-height:

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Just a couple of thoughts:
I would move the cut on |O| and |o| to the upper right, to further differentiate them from |D| and at the same time nodding to their cursive forms.
Your |Ф| looks a bit small. I recently learned on this same forum it’s an accepted practice to extend the center stem above caps height and below the baseline in order to make room for the bowl.

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