Looking for a video/audio typography courses

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Hi guys, I'm looking to learn typography through video or audio lessons.
I googled it and except a few short youtubes I found nothing helpful, so any direction pointing will be helpful.

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There are many tubies with typographic content. However, these are all more or less experimental exercises, not tutorial ones, I gather.
What is it exactly what you’d like to learn? To design brochures or books? Websites? Shopfronts … ??
I am not aware of any video tutorials covering this.
Maybe, for the first step, you stick to more conventional means and consider going to a library … or a course.

However, as it happens I did a short video on lettering just recently. If that is of any interest to you.

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I just plugged this site in another discussion, but I'll do it again here -- Lynda.com has about 1,500 professionally-made video tutorials on design topics. I did a quick search for typography courses and found several, including a 7-hour video course on "Choosing and Using Web Fonts", a 6.5 hour video course on "Typography for Web Designers", and a number of tutorials on using type in specific applications, such as InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and so forth.

The site is mainly focused on "how-to" videos; I don't think they have much in the way of type history or theory, although perhaps they do and I just overlooked them.

You have to pay a monthly fee to access their videos, but they do have some free samples, and a Google search will often turn up a discount code for a free month or at least a discount.

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Another thought -- if you launch iTunes and go to iTunesU (university) you can find lots of free videos of college course lectures. Don't know if they have any on typography, but it might be worth looking.

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Thanx guys, Lynda.com sounds promissing. and yes, I forgot to mention I'm looking to learn how to better use fonts in web design.

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>Hi guys, I'm looking to learn typography through video or audio lessons.

Sorry, but it cannot happen.

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cannot happen? Lessons that are purely audio probably wouldn't work, but I think video is the ideal medium for "not-in-person" teaching.

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the ideal media for teaching is text.

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The ideal medium for learning type is a couple of potatoes, combined with a knife and a ink pad.

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Who needs an ink pad - just go to the beach. ;-)

The ideal medium is all in your head.


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