Anyone know of any fine made in Italy books with great typography?

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I have the special Italian made edition of Tolkiens "the Children of Hurin", which has fantastic typography, amazing paper etc etc, they really did a great job over all....Any other great Italian books out there? I understand the Italians are to book makiung like the Swiss are to watch making ;)

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They were.

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zeno333, are you referring to this? I haven't seen that, but most likely it looks like an average, market edition - althought is features illustrations and could be well designed.

But for some true Italian pieces of typography, and if you have some money to spend, Giovanni Mardersteig's books are what you have to look for. The Stamperia Valdonega hand-pressed editions are among the top-notch XX century books.

Another publishing house with an eye for good typography is Il Polifilo, who also published a Mardersteig book.

Other small, limited-edition Italian quality printers using movable types include Enrico Tallone and the delightfuly eccentric Pulcino Elefante by Alberto Casiraghi.

Outside the limited edition books field, Einaudi's "I Millenni" series of books still continues today a tradition of highly valuable typography.

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Nope, that's not the one i am referring to....Mine is blue and grey with blue slip cover with gold emblems on both.

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Anyway, riccard0 is terribly right. :-(

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I think we may safely assume he is looking for something more recent than Aldus Manutius...

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