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ID of bizarre, seriffed "Mexican Cuisine" Typeface

Hi all, sorry for the double post (I think it's a double post), but hoping that someone can help identify this before I have to hand-draw it. Please? Thank you!


The font used was SWFTE's Mexicali. SWFTE was a notorious ripoff font seller - but Mexicali was simply a crude modification of Hermann Ihlenburg's 1882 typeface 'Bijou'. Fontbank digitized 'Bijou' as 'Bangle'.

Along with their other faults, the SWFTE people didn't know how to spell. The font is named Mexacali, not Mexicali! (And it came in assorted condensed and extended versions as well).

Other equivalents include these two ripoffs of each other ;)
Riccio Display Script (Softkey/SSI/SSK)
Grebe (anonymous, came with an old "Expert Softare" CD

- Herb