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Upright Script

Not sure if this is an existing face or custom typography.
Does anyone recognize it?



http://Zebra is in the same vein.

great... thank you!

Note that Zebra seems to be a pretty buggy font - it's better to use a professional alternative.


each of these is similar. note that both are from the same foundry/designer. odd. they are similar to Bisque Bold by Letterbox, but several characters of Bisque are significantly different from your sample.


@hrant: Buggy how? Have you downloaded/installed it? What are the symptoms?

Jodie, Georgie has many more styles than Annabel Lee, and looking at the "Glyph coverage" icons it seems that it additionally has some OpenType features and smallcaps. And it's only $3 more (per style). But neither one of those is super close to the sample.

Bisque: I doubt Georgie / Annabel Lee is derived from that. That said, the Jonahfonts library does happen to make me mildly uneasy - but I'd have to look closer to have something to really complain about.

Chris, I'm just going by the designer's own admission here:
See in particular the last comment (2/25/2010).