I present a challenge

Can anyone help me with this challenge. If you solve it I will call you, "master type wizard".


Firstly thought it could have been Neutraface (2) Text Italic but the /e middle bar of your sample isn't slanted as Neutraface's. Very close though. So may be Le Havre comes closer...

Le Havre comes pretty close it also lacks the slanted bar and a couple other characteristics. Thanks for the great effort though! I will call you "Apprentice to the Master Type Wizard".

Definitely think it's Neutraface 2 Text (Book) Italic. The /e with horizontal middle is the default one (tested using their online typesetter: http://www.houseind.com/fonts/neutraface2). The /e with the oblique middle bar should be the alternate (http://www.houseind.com/fonts/neutraface2/viewfonts).


Awesome. two people asking for help on the same homework assignment at the same time.


Chris, it's just a font ID. And if a teacher did ask them to identify a font, who says he/she doesn't want them to consult a forum to get the answer? Research doesn't have to involve leafing through dead trees for days.

Dedication to a cause is great, but a crusade isn't.


Christopher Dean- you should not jump to conclusions. The other guy is my associate, we are working on a package re-design for a client. Swallow your pride. Ryuk- thank you so much for your help! Here it goes ... you are a Master Type Wizard. Thanks again, this saved some valuable time.

Christopher Dean for Typophile Private Investigator!