Bitstream Cybit vs TITUS Cyberbit.....

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HRANT wanted to know why i prefer TITUS Cyberbit over the older Bitstream Cyberbit....Here they are both at 24 point, the older Bitstream Cyberbit on top and the newer TITUS Cyberbit at bottom....both are 24 point. I like the way the type fils space horizontally and especially vertically much better with TITUS. Sorry, but the insert image feature does not work for me.

Bitstream Cyberbit vs TITUS Cyberbit.jpg177.65 KB
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Serifs are dead. I do like the daily news though.

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Odd. They must have fixed that "problem" in the copy of TITUS Cyberbit Basic that I just recently downloaded, because it now wastes space just as the Bitstream one does in your image.

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I also just downloaded TITUS and had a version of Bitstream that FontBook tells me not to install. I thus tested with xeLaTeX (without installing, i.e. using ExternalLocation) and I got the same line lengths as the jpg above (but, thanks to TeX, no discrepancy in the line spacing).

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