pls need know name this fonts

1- need know name font for "cafe" word in this 2 logo.
i found near fonts but it's Different in "c" letter .
2-if also any one help in font name for "hola" word .


The script is Zapfino. In “Hola”, |H| is constructed, while |ola| is some basic sans serif typeface artificially slanted to match the slope of |H|.
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tnx for reply
Zapfino font is near form cafe font .... it's same in " c " letter but Different in " f " letter ... pls see cafe in red color .
about "hola " yeas i know that but try to found font have same or near "o" letter .... it's look like ellipse and other letter in holla is look same Arial .

Zapfino has a lot of alternates. See, for example, here:

tnx you so much .... yeas it's Zapfino Extra one .... when your say Zapfino i search more in this font family about new Zapfino Extra 2003 & 2010