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Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've posted something myself here. I'd like your input on my latest font NOVA. NOVA is a solid grotesk font that has loads of wow-stuff under the hood. I've been working on it for about a year now, and I'm getting close to a semi-final version. I always liked typefaces that I can both use as a serious workhorse and for creative playing. NOVA has all that (imho)!

The ones who are following me on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, have seen this font before and also reacted on it (very positive I must say). Here's one of the latest discussions about NOVA on Typophile:

The design is still a bit rough, so I'll do a few more rounds later on. I just want to first get all the automated stuff in place before I start polishing. I'm almost done with the basic OpenType features, but I'd like your input on discretionary ligatures & swashes that help me make a good strategy for the first release. I don't want to end my days programming OT features and get frustrated, so I want to put all the right stuff in here that should serve most people.

Please help me fill in the gaps, name me the ligatures and swashes that I've missed and that are important in your language. The attached PDF file gives you a good impression of the vast range of options NOVA has under the hood.

CFF-Nova_02.pdf214.62 KB
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Yes, I had seen this elsewhere. But it still feels cool! :-)

The only thing that bothers me a lot is the "e" (of course a very important letter). It seems too "Euro-geo", with none of the open playfulness of the whole.


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Hi hrant, do you think it's to generic? Does it lack a certain level of character, in you opinion? Because that can be easily fixed. ;-)

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The "e"? It's not that it doesn't have character, it's that it's the wrong character. I'd look to the "a" for clues.


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animated gif? really? Make a decision.

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@Ryan, what do you mean? What you see is all available in NOVA. So an animated gif is the best way to show the options, no?

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