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Max Bill clock face design for Junghans. Custom typeface?


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Thanks. ;)


Wow... have I stumped Typophile? Nobody has a suggestion or example of something similar?

After a cursory search, the only one I found with such a |4| and overall similar construction (albeit less neutral), is Hybrea: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typodermic/hybrea/

Closer looks here and here
Looks custom to me or even designed by Max Bill himself. Makes me thinking (a lot) to some modified (manually rounded, /4 redrawn...) Eurostile Extended. Another point giving credit to the Eurostile track is it's actually Junghans logotype font (and almost everywhere on their website)
Some more in the same vein: Eurostile Candy, Alban (another rounded Eurostile), Reversal (another Eurostile clone), Saturn (one more Eurostile), Reaction, Phantom, Stak, Geometry Soft Pro Light C, Miedinger, Phat

Yes, it has an Eurostile vibe, but I think the construction is still pretty different (for example, look at |2| and |7|, other than |4|).
Anyway, good detective work, as always!