Frutiger-y sans used by the Beeb

Anyone know anything about this cheeky number?


Looks like Avenir (Black) to me.

Thanks, Ryuk, I'm not sure though. It's very close but the counters in the image above seem smaller to me. For example, with the 'a' and 'e'.

It almost looks like a parody of Avenir and/or Frutiger.

The BBC has commissioned a large number of proprietary fonts, some unique to each of BBC1, 2, 3, and 4. Most, if not all of them, created by FontSmith. I've collected samples of a few dozen from their website(s), but don't have one identical to this.

Mm, thanks HVB, I looked at Fontsmith's site but there's only one font for the BBC featured there. Would be interested to see your collection! Have you put it anywhere online?

Totally agree with rtaylor (screen effect?). Another point giving credit to Avenir is the reference on BBC Two page on Wikipedia for the tagline 'TWO'. It could also be a custom version of Avenir exclusively done for BBC.

Aha! Very interesting. Cheers, Ryuk.

Another detail that could either be screen effect or design in the sample above is what looks like a cutoff on the 't' sloping down from left to right.