Font creation thru Illustrator

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Font creation thru Illustrator


Was wondering if anyone knew of a process i could go thru that will allow me to change a vector file of a full alphabet that i have created in Adobe Illustrator 10 into a true type font. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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TypeTool 2 and ScanFont 4 for Mac from Fontlab Ltd. ( ) should do the trick for you. ScanFont 4 will open an EPS/AI file and automatically separate the letters into separate glyphs, and export it to TypeTool 2, which you can use to build the TrueType font. There’s a ScanFont+TypeTool pack for Mac for $199:
Of course, you can choose to get FontLab 4.6 instead of TypeTool 2, but that would be much more expensive :-)

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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Years ago Chank posted this on his site at
these are instructions on how to make a font and makes use of Fontographer, Photoshop and Illustrator. You could do the same with Type Tool 2 and Scan Font, but you will get the idea of how to do things from Chank. A bit wacky, but he started a lot of stuff which people still look at.