Need Help ID'ing this type used on FOAM 10???

I need some help ID'ing this type used for FOAM 10


Would really like to know too. Looks very close to some Futura. I firstly thought about Maquette (using alternate /l and /a) but really too far (too many details remain off: /a, numerals, /w and almost all uppercases).
Foam uses many fonts on its website and possibly mixed up:
- Arial as html font
- LL Brown for some graphics including press kit
- possibly some Futura and/or the mystery font you're after (closer look here, not sure for the numerals though on this one and here) which could be a modified Futura...
The closest I have for "Foam Album 10" would be Apertura.

LL Brown seems to be closest but you're right with the numerals which could been modified.

Thanks for all the insight!