W. A. Dwiggins Püterschein pitcher missing for 20 years — just found!

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The pewter pitcher that inspired much of Dwiggins’ most creative work disappeared in the 1990s and was feared lost forever, but it recently came up for auction. Two Boston book artists bought it to save it from going into a private collection. Please help with fundraising so it can have a place of honor in the Dwiggins Collection at the Boston Public Library.

From 1913 until WAD’s death in 1956, this pitcher served as the emblem for many of his personal publishing activities. It also represented WAD’s fictitious alter ego Hermann Püterschein, the opinionated and often pompous expert who wrote many articles on graphic arts and printing, and even a book of fiction published by Knopf in 1928. (All of these written by Dwiggins, of course.)

A full account of the pitcher’s history can be found in “Making the Pewter Shine”, the recent article written by Stephen Heller for Imprint online.

Please give generously to help put this pitcher in its rightful place. All contributions welcome, from $10 to $500 and beyond. See this attached PDF for details on how to contribute.

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