Wood Type / Wild West

Would anyone happen to know what font was used for this title on a cd-cover? Many thanks in advance, Max


it must be BJF Beacon of Light by Blue Jay Font Studio (2000)
and the text is set in lowercase

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

BJF Beacon of Light has artificially reduced letters in the lower case, and full-size glyphs accompanied by a drawing of a lighthouse in the upper case and numerals.

"MEG" took BJF Beacon of Light and modified it to create a font without the graphic lighthouse, renaming it to "BJF Beacon of Light TextOnly".

This is in the Solotype Catalog on page 22 as 'Roulette'. There is also a 'Roulette' on page 16, which doesn't have the white stencil effect. The solid version can be obtained as Wood Type (URW), Rajah (URW), Saloon Girl (FontMesa), and Roulette Caps (Opti).

- Herb

Thanks *a lot*!
Cordially, Max


There are two other BJF fonts (also free and readily available) that have FULL-sized outlined letters in the lower case - they are BJF Merman and BJF Mermaid

- Herb