Dangling Man Cover

I'm guessing that this may be a hand-lettered cover, but I'm wondering if someone could request something similar. I'm interested in both the "Dangling Man" typeface and the "A Novel by". Thanks!


"A Novel by": don't know anything, even loosely similar
"SAUL BELLOW": can't find a match. /S is very "Scotch Roman", serifs are "Bodoni" (flat, thin, straight and horizontal or may be because of scan quality/blurry effect/perspective distortion). A Bauer Bodoni would have been fine but /B, /E and W are off. /L, /E right finals and /W, /E are close to Baskerville but all (flat) serifs are off... Definitely not an answer...

Thanks, Ryuk.

I'm most concerned with finding a condensed Bodoni or Didot typeface that would be good at display sizes. I really love the "Dangling Man" one. I especially like the curved serifs on the n and a. Does anyone know of any others like that? All the similar ones I'm seeing have curved serifs only on the italics.

(Note: I meant to say "recommend" not "request" in the original post)

regarding "Dangling Man", you may also like http://Fashion Compressed LET or http://Bordeaux Roman though they don't have curved serifs on /n/