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Can anyone help with this Sans Serif?

Any help would be appreciated!



Anyone!? It's like Grotesque Condensed Black, but the 'g' is wrong.

This was probably produced in the 60s, so it must have been instant lettering (Letraset or similar), or photo-set. Look how the 'T' and 'o' are kerned back.

There were a few phototypesetting systems around at the time.... Diatype/Diatronic being one (if my memory serves me well), and sometimes, they had their own cuts of particular fonts.

I've been back through all my old catalogues and I can't get a match.... but I'll keep looking.


I've looked back aswell and can't get an exact match. Grotesque No.9 is the closest I've come accross

Just a suggestion: http://myfonts.us/td-iK74zW