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Usually, minor typographical errors (and the error is typographical, since a font from Comicraft is being used) are swiftly corrected, but at this writing, Phil and Kaja Foglio happen to be out of town at an overseas comic convention.

Hence, the error here

will stay around long enough for your amusement.

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Well, it COULD have been a mermaid. Thanks for pointing us to it!

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My favorite bombardment-from-above—Metaluna’s atomic shield breached by asteroids from Zagon starships in This Island Earth:

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I'm pleased to see that the original title was actually correctly punctuated.

The shape of the Interocitor's screen came to mind when I read an article, about the time when the DVD had only recently come out, about how (as illustrated in the case of the VCR) the porn industry felt itself to have played a major role in promoting the adoption of new video technologies.

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