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Hi peeps,

These days, what is the average percentage of sold ttf files, out of the total (otf + ttf) ? Thanks in advance.

Cheers! jasper

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23 / 77

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The source must be the famed SSDL (Sarcastic Statistics Database of Lausanne). What Mr. Daniels fails to reveal however is that those values are not percentages, they are in fact the exact numbers of OTF versus TTF fonts produced. On Thursday.


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Oh. Thought for a mo it came from Minne Ytlander's Arbitrary Source of Statistics.

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98.3% of statistics are made up on the spot, so law of averages would dictate that the numbers I provided would have been made up. I'm interested to know how well my guess stacks up with real percentages, if they exist, which statistically they don't.

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Ha-ha. Suspected as much!


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I expect this depends a lot on the typeface and market, as well as how the options are presented.

Some foundries only make one or the other. In which case it is usually OTF for professional graphics/publishing users and mostly TTF for office users.

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