Font from the 70s

It's a nice-looking font, but I wish I knew what it was! Any ideas?


There's a font called ITC Serif Gothic in my old Letraset catalogue, and it looks very similar.

It is avialable here:

.... but the digital equivalent doesn't seem to have the alternate 'a' and 'f,' as in the Letraset version. It also looks like the figure '1' has been doctored, but there could have been other versions around at the time of course.

Not a conclusive answer, but it's somewhere to start.

That's not it, unfortunately...the e is also different and all the characters have slight serifs on them, giving them a more pointy outline. I've tried looking online for this but haven't found it.

I take your point, but the original Letraset version has the alternate 'e', and how can you tell from that low res image that there are no serifs? I personally think there are. Look carefully at the top of the 'V' and 'l' in Violin.

The serifs are very slight and could be lost in a poor quality image.

You may still disagree, so please let me know if you find a closer match.

Ah, I see what you mean now - the Letraset originally had more characters than the digital copy. I can always alter them myself in the same way to make those errant letters match. Thanks.

EDIT: Found the alternates.

Thanks again!

My pleasure.

I can't find a digital version of the old Letraset catalogue available online anywhere.... I'll have to get busy scanning !!!