Font type Sci-Fi - whats the name?

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Hi, does someone know the name of this font?
Thanks in advance.

I found it... "Space Age"

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It's SPACE AGE, with some extra spacing between the letters. Check it here:,18174,space-age-regular.html

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thanks a lot, i have found it :)

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That link is a PITA. The font is widely available at simpler sites, too. Justin Callaghan is a Disneyworld/Disneyland typography fan; He designed Space Age as an original font, based on the logotype for Epcot's "Mission: Space" attraction.

I don't know if that particular download link included his original text file, which has instructions regarding the use of the tilde and underscore to create 'ligatures' (he really meant bottom or top-linked letters)

- Herb

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