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Helvetica neue with changes

I feel as if this font must be helvetica neue but then is there alternative glyphs that give round circles as the dots in the lowercase "i" or punctuation marks? The lowercase "a" seems like it is different. The bold version looks like a different font. I took the picture from the H&M store ads because I felt it looked like helvetica neue thin/ultralight but I didn't know they had round alternatives or is it just editing via something such as illustrator? Or is this a real font?

I couldn't insert the image as it did nothing when I chose the image so instead I've attached it. Thanks for all the help!


This is not Helvetica Neue. It is a custom drawn typeface for H&M called HM Ampersand.

It looks like it is based on News Gothic/Trade Gothic, but more geometric. Benton Sans is a contemporary take on the genre.

Another face with traces of both geometrics and grotesques is Graphik.

Ah thanks! Is there a way to buy or get this HM Ampersand font? It just looked similar to Helvetica Neue thin/ultralight to me which are the two weights that I like the most of that font. Thank you for answering asking here is better than anywhere I've asked before about fonts. I really appreciate it, thanks! I actually have so many fonts I want to identify. Thanks again!

I believe this is developed exclusively for H&M, and not available for sale and/or downloading.

Ah I see. Do you know of any fonts that have a similar round punctuation marks or similar style to the HM Ampersand font? Thanks.

I already mentioned Graphik. It has a lot of similarities, although it is based on the European Neo Grotesque genre — whereas HM Ampersand is based on its American counterpart: the Gothic.

Graphik also have a wide selection of weights, and here’s a list of extra light Gothics/Grotesques.

I do not know of any News Gothic/Trade Gothic variants with round tittles and punctuation.

Thank you! Do you know how or what I would type to search for typefaces that are related to what HM Ampersand is based on? Would it be categorized as American Gothic, the Gothic? Or what would I call that style? Your help was greatly appreciated!

I think I’ve given you plenty of pointers by now :) Go do your own homework!