Mid 1980s Serif

This is a from the late 1980s. Likely an artificial italic. The cap R is interesting I straightened it as I though it may help. Any ideas?


You’ll find you get more and faster responses if you use the “Insert image” link located below the bottom left corner of the comment box.

Thanks Christopher. I would have done so in the first place but it gives me an error everytime (Could not copy image. Error). I think it's flash related.

<500K, no spaces in the name?

Yes, the “insert image” seems broken in initial posts (it works, with the usual limitations, in comments).
I’m not sure if it’s a match, but Bulmer sports a similar |R|.


In the QBF filmtype catalogue there is a typeface called Baskerville Adbold which features this R and looks like a match otherwise as well.

Atwe, thank you! I really appreciate the effort in looking it up. I had a suspicion that a digital version would likely not be available. Much appreciated!