Serif with a distinct lowercase u

Hello all!

I would like to know if anyone knows this font. The closest ive found when looking for a similar u is http://Spinwerad. Its very close but no match



I would guess (poorly) custom drawn, but it might be part of some free font. If these samples come from the same source it is more likely that it is a custom thing.

I can only confirm what you said, it looks like Spinwerad but customized, some kind of unicase version of it (not so hard to reproduce)./e is too much distinctive and identical to Spinwerad to be a coincidence. But now, if you're still convinced it's a totally different font, you could take your chance by asking directly the designer in charge of these designs.

EDIT: Finally... Same foundry, sharing same design backbone, some kind of "Spinwerad unicase bold", http://Itsadzoke

wow Ryuk, nice hunting! spot on, thanks a lot!!