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Can you help me find this font in the picture? Can't tell if it can be classified as a serif since it has only 1 bar?

When I said I couldn't tell if it was a serif, it's because the ends of the letters (like the E and the N) extend out on one side.
I'm trying to find the font for my blog. Thank you everyone! <3 <3 <3


This is so, so close but there are differences....


The font is Mecanorma's Art Deco MN (with an alternate S).

I wonder why you're at all concerned about classifying it as serif or sans-serif, which has no bearing on its identification. In fact, it's neither; it's not a text font but a display face.

it's also close to http://Park Lane NF free font by Nick Curtis

Yes, it's really Nick's font, not the Mecanorma.