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Book or course

Hello anyone,

I am new to font and I am studying Graphic Design by DE.
I enjoy the course, however a fundamental understanding on how fonts/types are created is not covered in the degree program.

Could someone please direct me to a book that is thorough about font creation? From paper to computer.

Or if there are short courses in between semesters would be great. I'm based in Sydney, Australia so it would have to be local.

Appreciate any assistance.


There's so such book (yet) but "Designing Type" by Karen Cheng is helpful.


I've been trying to find the perfect book and this is exactly what I wanted. Peace S.

Bringhurst, R. (2004). The Elements of Typographic Style. Point Roberts,WA: Hartley & Marks.

I would also recommend posting this on the Typographic Education board:


if you want to learn about graphic desinging the their is an way through video lecture design and given by lynda, you should try to listen their video lecture, after getting the basic concept of graphic designing you should read book you will get the concept easily..

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I am a graphic design student going into my last semester of college this winter. I will graduate in December with a graphic design degree. I love my decision to work in graphic design and it is the most fun I've ever had working!