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Temple expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

Hello typophile,

I'm wracking my brain trying to identify this typeface, and what makes it worse is that I believe I once identified it and have since forgotten. My mind is a sieve, but I usually remember font names, apparently not this time.

The closest I could come up with would be a condensed version of Sahara Bodoni, but I fear it's actually a Didot and not a Bodoni. Another one that was suggested to me was Bitstream Industrial 700, but I was told that is not quite correct either.

It's lovely and driving me mad, any ideas?


Reminds me of ITC Didi. My ITC Specimen book is not handy, but looks very close.

Norbert, I just spoke with Stephen Coles and he agrees with you.

This is what he told me.
This series has been on Typophile a few times. As I remember the publisher digitized ITC Didi, a 1970s photo font. It's not available publicly. Similars include Didona, Moderno, Benton Modern, and Veer/Jukebox's digitization of Pistilli Roman.

I guess the case is closed, thank you both Norbert and Stephen.

But what a horrible choice for a book about one of the most awesomely organic buildings in the world.


Agreed, Hrant. Especially since I recall seeing several beautiful Catalan type designs while in Barcelona. I don't know of any lettering directly attributed to Antoni Gaudí either... Anyone?