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I own LegibleType.com. Thoughts?

Hi all,

I own LegibleType.com, and have long thought about dedicating it for a community site? Do you think there would be sufficient interest? And, how would I go about doing this?



Are you looking for technical advice or general suggestions?

In short: I think the interest would be in what you make of it, to get it done you need a vision and somebody who can design & develop the vision you have. You also need to do some research & see what is already out there and judge where the bar is at and how you can blow it out of the water, make it legendary...

The idea sounds cool, but you have to own the vision.

The devils in the details and part of creating something new is deciding what you want others to experience. The tools you use are nearly irrelevant to the purpose, reason and usability of the site. Anything on the web is possible with a lot of different systems. Free & opensource tools are often the best way to go.