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I am trying to find an similar (as close as possible) web font alternative to Stag Sans. Is there any one who can suggest a good and more common alternative? Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

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Try Chicken Little—quite popular in this forum…

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Christoffer, I'm not aware of a similar webfont. Stag Sans has some very unique characteristics. If you remove those, you might arrive at something that resembles a Franklin Gothic or Trade Gothic (maybe). But, I'm not sure you'll find anything very close. I would contact Commercial Type and see if you can license it as a webfont.

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Chicken Little was not even a close match for Stag Sans. I do think if you are in a jam Calibri will work unless you have the budget to actually purchase Stag Sans.

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To me, it seems like using something like Trade Gothic for the light weights, and Antique Olive for the bold weights, would be vaguely similar.

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I know the x height isn't as big and it runs a bit condensed comparatively, but have you tried Lucida Sans?

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