font to match this signature logo

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I am working with an artist friend on her website and she wants to use her signature as her logo. I am having a hard time coming up with a fonts that are simple and stylish enough to go with her signature with out being boring. Any suggestions?

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Use Adobe Illustrator's Image Trace feature to create an SVG logo.

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FF Mister K!


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So do you want:
[A] a font that mimics the above graphic, or
[B] are you looking to establish a brand font that works with the signature above?

If [B] then I would try to find something that compliments rather than matches. It would depend also on the type of work the person does. Some ideas: A typewriter font to reinforce a handmade charm, a modern sans serif to be fairly neutral and let the signature be the star, a classy didone for an upscale gallery feel, something that reflects the loops and ascenders of the signature in a simple sans.

Hope that helps!

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