*Arabic editorial/fashion fonts*

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Hi All – I'm looking for arabic fonts that might compare to western editorial or fashion fonts such as 'Didot' or 'Monotype Modern'?

Also does anyone know a resource, where I can find out which arabic fonts are supported by which browsers? (web safe etc.)


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Be careful, such fonts often turn out as disrespectful caricatures.


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If you want to explore web fonts, this overview from Sylvia Egger provides a good overview of the major services and which languages are supported.

Monotype's web fonts service includes a significant number of Arabic fonts in different styles and would be worth checking out.

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OK thanks Hrant – I don't really want to be disrespectful. I guess what I'm really looking for is good classic arabic headline/display typeface... something that would look good for editorial headlines.

Karl –thanks I've been looking here:

I found 'Jalal' and 'mitra' to look good... any thought on these or others?

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I would consider Thuraya, and also investigate Typotheque's webfont service, which might simplify the technical challenges.

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What about Midan for the main text?

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