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OK, I deverse to get the piss taken out of me for this one, but any advice would be most useful.

I have used Trajan for an identity project. The client loves it, all is good, except...

Now I have come to set the companies stationery, there is no lowercase... can someone suggest a similar typeface with a lowercase?



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Gill's Perpetua comes to mind but you might check for some comparisons.


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The only actual Trajan lower case attempted digitally (and commencially available) that I can think of is La Gioconda. It's based on Giovanni Francesco Cresci's work, the first guy to break his head over this problem. Although La Gioconda was drawn by talented hands, I don't care for it as a lower case to Trajan.

Can you show the logo? I think you'll want to stear way clear of things that *look* like trajan. Go for contrast instead.


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Hmm, so this isn't exaclty taking my own advice.
Try HTF Requiem

Perhaps Berkley?
Or maybe Electra?

Comments on the logo:
What will it look like at 1cm? [box] ABERCROMBIES?
The box seems a little off balance, though maybe for a reason. Maybe try the pattern with each spikey thing positioned the same way in it's box. Or ratating 90 degrees each time.
Just thinking.

Good luck!

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Giovanni de Faccio`s Rialto
Diotima, Nofret or Carmina by Gudrun Zapf von Hesse
Berthold Senatus but it's only uc/sc, and, pity about that 'S'
which is going to fall over !


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Thread moving to DESIGN area

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Vendome shares Trajan's sharpness.

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Stone's SFPL might be nice.

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